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Essential Skills for Pain Management Program

Managing Chronic, Persistent Pain

We highly recommend this as the first step for anyone with chronic pain. Our patients who participate fully see a remarkable improvement in their pain.

(offered as convenient live, virtual program)


This is an effective therapy for people with neck, jaw, or head pain.

You will learn to better manage your physical responses to pain.

(Rancho Cordova)


What is Acupuncture?

We offer Individual and group treatment, plus acupressure training.

Acupuncture can be very effective but is not appropriate for all pain problems.

(Rancho Cordova)

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Pain Psychologists teach proven skills for pain management and help you learn how to manage overactive pain signals to the brain.

Physical Therapists teach you how to move in ways that can decrease pain and prevent flare-ups.

Health Educators coach you toward behaviors that are proven to lower pain.

Acupuncturists provide short-term individual therapy and group acupuncture.

Physicians provide clinical expertise.

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